Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Do I need General Liability Insurance?

  • Is it possible for children to suffer injuries while in your care?
  • Is it possible for individuals (other than employees and children in your care) to suffer injury arising out of your premises you lease?
  • Are you required by contract to carry insurance on premises you lease?
  • Are you liable for damages, caused by your operations, to buildings in which you rent space?
  • Is it possible for the children in your car, your employees or yourself to accidentally cause property damage to property belonging to others? Two key concepts to consider are negligent supervision and potential lawsuits.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may wish to consider General liability insurance to help protect your Childcare center. General liability insurance is designed to protect the assets of your business when it is sued for something it did (or didn’t do) that caused bodily injury or property damage to others.

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Student Accident Insurance

Do I need student accident insurance?

This provides coverage for accident injuries to children regardless of fault. It is typically used as a “goodwill” gesture to keep parents happy while protecting your liability insurance from having too many claims.

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Abuse Liability Insurance

Do I need insurance to protect my business in an abuse situation?

  • Is it possible for a parent/guardian to misinterpret you, an employee or a volunteer hugging a child in your care?
  • Is it feasible that one of your employees might spank/strike a child in your care?
  • Do individuals not typically or directly involved in the care giving of children at your center ever have the opportunity for interacting with them?
  • Is it possible for children to go to the restroom together at your center?
  • Does your Childcare center contain areas where children are isolated?
  • Are you less than 100% sure your discipline policy and procedures are always followed?
  • Do you, your staff, volunteers and guests ever have one-on-one contact with the children in your care?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may wish to consider abuse liability coverage to help protect your Childcare center in the event you are faced with a claim alleging abuse of a child attending your center caused by negligent hiring, screening or supervision.

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Employee Practices Liability Insurance

Do I need to protect my business for potential employment issues?

Childcare and early education employees are expecting a more professional work environment than they have in the past. When workers feel they are not being treated fairly, in some cases, they hire attorneys and file employment practices liability claims against the center. Some examples of this are not paying your employees for all hours worked, sexual harassment complaints, and wrongful termination.

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Key Coverages

Property Insurance

Do I need Property Insurance?

  • Does your business own buildings?
  • Does your business own personal property (AKA contents) used for business purposes?
  • Do you have rented or leased equipment on your premises?
  • If your property is damaged and becomes unusable until it is repaired or replaced, would you suffer a loss of income?
  • Could your business go under in the event of a fire or other major loss that causes you to close your Childcare center during repairs, thereby losing income?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may wish to purchase property insurance to protect your Childcare center. Property insurance such as building and business personal property coverages protect your business against the financial loss associated with physical damage to the area in which your business operates and the property housed there.

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Workers' Compensation

Do I need workers' compensation insurance?

Every business has a legal obligation to keep its employees safe while at work. This responsibility can be fulfilled with workers' compensation insurance. Each state has specific requirements for businesses owners in regard to workers' compensation. California workers' comp laws mandates that employers must either obtain CA workers’ compensation insurance, self-insurance workers' compensation, or be legally exempt for the requirement to provide workers' compensation coverage. Even if you’re company is exempt, that does not mean that you are relieved of potential liabilities should an employee become injured.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Do I need commercial auto insurance?

  • Does your center provide transportation to children in company owned vehicles?
  • Do employees operate personal vehicles on behalf of the company?
  • Do you travel on field trips using volunteer parents to provide transportation?
  • Have you ever driven a child home as a favor to a parent?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you may wish to consider automobile insurance to help protect your Childcare center. There are various automobile coverages available for purchase such as auto liability, auto physical damage, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehensive and collision coverage and non-owned auto coverage.

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Business Income Insurance

Do I need protection against lost revenues?

Business Income Insurance is a type of property insurance designed to cover your loss of business income due to the necessary suspension of your Childcare operations following a covered cause of loss. It can also include Extra Expense insurance, which covers your necessary business expenses that would not have occurred if the loss had not happened.

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